Himmatur Rijal

My Contact

Email : rijal.unimal@gmail.com

Universitas : National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University

Address : Aceh, Indonesia.

Gender : laki-laki

2017-2020 Software engineer at Coretronic Corporation (https://www.coretronic.com/en)
2014-2016 National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan.
2007-2012 Universitas Syiah Kuala, Aceh, Indonesia.
2003-2007 MAS Oemar Diyan, Aceh, Indonesia.
2005-2006 Great Bend High School, KS, USA. (Youth Exchange Study Program)
2000-2003 MTsS Jeumala Amal, Aceh, Indonesia.

Founder Taiwan Halal (https://taiwanhalal.com/)

Detailed Working Experience:
OH! COOL CO., LTD. (Taipei: 2016) 
Android video stream application:  
• improve memory RAM usage while browsing video  
• fetch video links and store in backend  
• manage UI for different android devices  
• show Ads when the video is paused  

Coretronic Corporation (Hsinchu: 2017-2020) 
Android application for receiving presentation videos sent from windows:  
• manage WebRTC library in android application  
• activate function for receiving mp4 videos  
• enable 5 GHz Wi-Fi by modifying AOSP code in Android 5.1  
• testing different channels of 5 GHz Wi-Fi for better performance  
Android application for images blending using multiple projectors:  
• integrate OpenCV to android application  
• integrate Qt to android application  
• integrate existing C++ project to android application  
• connect C++ codes to Java through JNI  

Android application for classroom teaching using projectors:  
• drawing by touch on projector’ projection  
• Take screenshot and save to USB drive  

 Android application for upgrading projector drivers:  
• integrate cURL to android application  
• utilize cURL and JNI to send data for upgrading projector driver  
• integrate existing C# codes to android application (Xamarin)  
• translate C# code to Java for upgrading projector driver through USB connection  
Android application for face detection:  
• integrate OpenCV to android application  
• use OpenCV for face detection  
• check performance and compare to other products

Android application for OTA update:  
• create update files from AOSP code  
• create server in Ubuntu and store OTA image  
• download OTA image from Ubuntu server and run OTA update  

Android application for MQTT communication with Ubuntu and Windows:  
• integrate MQTT to Android Application  
• install MQTT on Ubuntu and Windows  
• update data from Android, Ubuntu and Windows using MQTT  

Android application for playing media files:  
• manage and show playable media files (video, music, picture)  
• save volume/sound value and use the value for next video/music  
• check the trigger for HDR video  

Maintain AOSP codes from 3 different parties on Git:  
• maintain AOSP codes in internal company Git  
• get AOSP code from third party which stored on external Git and store to internal Git  
• check and make sure changes on internal and external don’t contradict and cause error  
Android application for receiving touch input from projectors wall projection:  
• integrate OpenCV to android application  
• integrate existing C++ project to android application  
• connect C++ codes to Java through JNI  
• modify older C codes for communicating with camera  

Android application for changing boot logo and animation in AOSP:  
• take a screenshot to be use as boot image  
• compress image and other files in system supported format  
• resize image to the size supported for boot image  
• modify AOSP code so that changes can take effect

Bovia Co., Ltd. (Zhubei: 2021-2022) 

Android application for playing videos from cloud server:  
• play videos saved in cloud server using android media player. 
• add features for controlling video playing speed. 
• add features to find videos from database in the shortest time. 
• create a customized seek bar that can easily search videos from cloud server. 

Android application for live streaming (RTSP): 
• integrate existing C++ project to android application 
• integrate Qt to android application 
• integrate FFmpeg to android application 
• send video data received by C++ to Java through JNI 
• send audio data received by C++ to Java through JNI 
• manage memory used by video and audio 
• fix image color data send to Java from C++ 
• manage multiple live streams shown in different pages 

Taiwan Halal (www.taiwanhalal.com)  
Website and Android application for locating Muslim certified restaurants and Hotels:  
• gather data for backend  
• communicate with customer for their itinerary in Taiwan  
• communicating with travel agency for travel services needed  
• make presentations in Taiwan National competition  
• creating travel itinerary for Taiwan Halal website  
• representing Taiwan Halal in startup events  

Android application for live video streaming:  
• integrating RTMP to android application  
• live stream with only audio  
• push notification using firebase whenever a live stream started  
• one button to start and record live stream

Fiducia Edge (Hsinchu: 2023)
Android application for uploading data to FTP server:  
• Setup connection to FTP server  
• Upload data to FTP server  
• Synchronize data between Android app and FTP server